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Ovc program

This is a program were children comes in to get their daily meal. We provide breakfast in the morning and then lunch every afternoon after school.


We do not only serve children with food but we also convene group sessions with them with the aim of assessing their behavior as some of them seem to have behavioral


We also assist children with their homework and also promote and uphold their right to play as children


We aim to provide holistic care and support to our beneficiaries together with the families

Field work

Care givers embarks on home and school visit to assist beneficiaries and their families with their social issues and also assist with home work


When they find issues which are intense and need further intervention they then refer the cases to the social auxiliary works who then ensures that those challenges are met


The aim of conducting visits is to get to know the child in a triangular way which is:

Community   School  Home


This format help us to be able to understand our beneficiaries in totality and that enables us to render proper service to the child as we know them,


There is a psychologist who believes that ‘a person’s behavior is as a result of their interaction with the environment they live in including their interaction with their significant others’’. Therefore is of that very notion that we think that knowing a child from every spheres of their life helps us to assist them

Older living with disabilities

This is a project aimed at assisting the elderly persons and people  with disabilities  with their needs and challenges and link them with relevant resources to assist them


We work together with the west rand disability center and together with Mogale city elderly department which whom assist us with the needs of these groups


We have activities that we do with elderly people and this activities are aimed at exercising them physically and also mentally in order for them to keep fit and to fight or be able to maintain their chronic illnesses


We use to have daily meal for the program but because of lack of funding we are no longer able to can cater for them nutritionally

Awareness and events

We have awareness programs that we render to create an awareness of certain illness or situation and that depending on the month.


We go according to the health calendar and also according to the challenges that the community experience


We create awareness of issues like, teen pregnancy, STI and condom use, HIV and AIS, TB, cancer and other illnesses that are not mentioned

Educational executions

We also take children out to different places every June as we aim at informing and empowering children with issues such as, our South African history, environment and other educational issues


We aim at helping children to make informed decisions with regard to their lives and their future endeavors through exposure to different environments and situations


School holiday

School holiday program is the program aimed at keeping children out of streets during the school holidays


Our school holiday program varies from quarter to quarter,


We always reward our participants at the end of each school holiday program this is to encourage their participation


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