Background of the organization

Tlhabologang Development Project (TDP) started in June 2011 when the founder witnessed challenges that our community are facing in their everyday life, she was mostly touched by the huge rate of  Teenage pregnancy, inadequate education, unemployment due to lack of skills, and concomitant fact of the HIV/AIDS.


The organization has been serving the community through HIV/AIDS and other chronic disease programs. At that moment the organization manage to reach out to senior citizen, people with disability, vulnerable families and HIV/AIDS infected and affected families and it managed to reach out and assist those families through the assistance of private donors who mostly donated vegetables, soya mince soup, maize meal and other donation which were not monetary.


In 2017 the organisation received its first governmental funding from the department of social development, the funding is to render psychosocial support services to children of the age of 6-18 years of age and their families under the HIV/AIDS sector. Our organizational key operation is known as DIC (drop in center), that means children comes to the center to get nutritional support both in the morning and in the afternoon.


The organisation is still catering for the older persons and also for people living with disabilities and we are still struggling with regard to maintaining the program as people who were donating vegetables are no longer able to donate for us as others have moved and this makes it hard for us to sustain the group in terms of provide activities for them

Our core values




 Continued Loyalty

Target area(s) of the project

The main Target area(s) are areas in and around Tarlton


Our organisation is in the center of the community it is surrounded by 4 informal settlement being, Seroba, Bagale village, plot 211 and Tuis and Botha.


We are next to R 24 and N14, the four way street were children sometimes go there to seek assistance from the truck drives which at the end of the day it means that they are

Selling their bodies or prostituting and that affects their social and school behavior


In our community we have three primary school in which we work closely with .


 We also have a new pup called ‘’machineng’’ this pup proves to be very problematic as it is the gave birth to a lot of negative behavior in our community. Children are being neglected every weekend, the rate of alcohol consumption is very rive and all sorts of bad behavior. Since the opening of this pup child prostitution has gone up as there is sometimes strip show and young ladies seems to believe that getting naked for men is a way of living.


There is a lot of cohabitation in our community, and girls move in with older men as a way of fending themselves as sometimes is because they come from impoverished families and sometimes is just because children do not want to listen to their parent’s rules.


We have societal challenges in our community and the main issues around here are alcohol, child neglect, child prostitution and gambling including teenage pregnancy even if it has decreased.

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Ward 30 Plot 06 Bagale Village



Gauteng, South Africa

+27 73 358-0614

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